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On Day 69, she was declared a housemate. Houseguests[ edit ] Similar to the franchise's previous seasons, Big Brother invited guests to his house for special purposes. One notable was Alex Gonzaga who was first introduced as a housemate. Her true status was revealed on Day 7 when Big Brother confirmed that she was only a houseguest.

She is by far the second longest tenured houseguest, behind Mariel Rodriguez whose tenure inside the house lasted for 73 days. She exited on Day Nineteenth housemate, Cheridel Alejandrino, was introduced as a houseguest after the departure of Alex Gonzaga during day 49 until day Week 1[ edit ] The first eighteen housemates were introduced in three different programs.

The remaining thirteen housemates were introduced in the pilot show, including the unexpected eighteenth housemate, Alex. They got their luggages at the storage room.

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Alex's luggage contained only a pair of underwear inside. The following day, Big Brother gave them their first weekly task, "Hating Kapatid", wherein they have to divide among themselves equally the household chores, the food, and the shower time, among other things. Hours after Big Brother gave the weekly task, the housemates had already made two mistakes: one for not equally sharing their lunch and another for the chips they ate.

The following evening, Big Brother tasked Jacob to look for one housemate whom he thinks needs singing lessons. He picked Manolo. If Jacob can teach Manolo sing, he and the other housemates will share Japanese food for lunch in his upcoming birthday.

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He was also instructed to sing a song with Manolo. They sang Sunday Morning in the morning of Day 4 as a wake-up call. Inside it are pictures and gifts from their respective siblings.

They later shared who their siblings are and how important they are to them. Afterwards, Fourth and Fifth continued their investigation.

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Each of them had to teach one housemate some skills from their respective professions. Afterwards, as part of the Hating Kapatid weekly task, each housemate has to hold a tray of 18 glasses for ten minutes. They were only given three times to make mistakes. Maris, Loisa, and Cess all failed this task, therefore a pie was removed from the screen. Later that day, Aina was tasked to choreograph a new dance routine using the modified "Pinoy Ako" theme song.

The dance routine, which was part of the weekly task, was performed in the evening of Day 7 during the live show. Big Brother announced that only alvási hőmérséklet zsírvesztés piece of pie was left and that for the first part of their weekly task, they were successful. However, he announced that the second part of the weekly task was actually Fourth and Fifth's special task.

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The twins said in front of the other housemates that they suspect Jayme and Maris as siblings. Big Brother announced that other than the twins, there are no other siblings inside the house. Therefore, he declared the whole task as a failure. All selfies shall be taken by using a big hand that can hold a smartphone.

The roulette shall determine how many housemates or who among them shall be included in the selfie. All selfies should only be taken on the stage and with the hand, but Michele initially disregarded this rule saying that it is easier to make selfies with few people without using the hand.

However, since all selfies should be taken by using the hand, all selfies taken without it will not be counted. However, Michele reprimanded Axel's group not to eat those chips in order to save food; Alex seconded Michele's idea. When Axel was about to stand lefogyott-e Josh a nagy testvérről from the dining table, Alex began asking others to eat the chips, which made err of Axel of being left out and stopped of his cravings. Axel immediately walked out while Alex and others continued eating the chips.

Later at the pool, Axel shared his emotions to other housemates. Both female housemates later asked their apologies to Axel. In relation to the talk show, Alex asked Fifth on what topic they should make as headline. Fifth responded that they should talk about the issue about the chips.

Alex asked details on who were involved in the said issue and asked for clarifications if she was involved.

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Fifth suggested that she should ask the other housemates instead. On Day 10, Alex and Fifth started their talk show. Nichole, the first housemate they interviewed, shared how close she was to her mother, Phoemela Baranda.

Later that day, Alex and Michele were told of Nichole's picture showing her middle finger, and talked to her about it. Big Brother let her realize that she should not take photos of herself that may be offensive to others. On Day 11, a dice will be tossed after spinning the roulette. The face on top will determine what the housemates will wear for the selfie; a "Free" face allows them to wear anything.

Big Brother called Nichole, Aina, Axel, Alex, and Chevin to the confession room for lapel violations lefogyott-e Josh a nagy testvérről sleeping after the wake-up call.

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As punishment, 1888 zsírégetést declared all selfies taken before his announcement will not be counted, and the five housemates will only be the ones to continue their weekly task for that day.

If one of them steps down from the platform, all selfies taken for the day will not be counted. A colored ball to be drawn from a box will indicate the platform that lefogyott-e Josh a nagy testvérről housemates will stand on when kétélű zsírégető tag bejelentkezés selfies.

Later that day, Big Brother declared their weekly task a success after validating 3, of their selfies. Big Brother informed them on Day 13 that they will participate in their first nomination later that day. Alex was also able to nominate, but nominations given to her were not included in the final tally since she was only a houseguest.

Chevin and Maris were declared the two nominees that were nominated by the housemates the next evening. Loisa was the third nominee; she got the highest percentage of public votes.


They were tasked first to clean the rooms of the housemates. Only the three nominees shall see the mothers and help them in their tasks. When these tasks succeed, Manolo, Joshua, and Vickie will have a chance to talk with their mothers and 50 percent of their weekly budget lefogyott-e Josh a nagy testvérről be given to them.

In the evening, Big Brother informed Loisa that she will be helping Joshua's mother, who does not know how to cook, in cooking Joshua's breakfast. The following evening, Maris and Loisa were tasked by Big Brother to bring Joshua in the picnic area without being noticed by the other housemates.

Unknown to Joshua, his mother was hiding behind the camera mirrors of the picnic area. After his dance, he met his mother. Meanwhile, Manolo's and Apa bod zsírégető mothers were tasked to cook the housemates' dinner for the following evening while the housemates are shooting for their webisodes in the picnic area.

Chevin instructed Maris to tell the other housemates that he was in the confession room and that they are not allowed to leave the picnic area without Big Brother's instruction. Later that evening, a series of pranks was made by the boys and the girls to each other until the following day, which led to some confrontations.

The next day, Big Brother talked to all the housemates in the confession room and reminded them of the law in the rulebook about cleanliness. He also told them that the teen housemates should not be following the older housemates and that all forms of jokes should have limitations.

The setting of the housemates' third webisode was lefogyott-e Josh a nagy testvérről to a Lefogyott-e Josh a nagy testvérről. Park, who was also lefogyott-e Josh a nagy testvérről houseguest in the first Celebrity seasonwas amazed at the changes made to the house since then. Later, the housemates told her role in the third webisode. Park left the house the same day.

The first, second, and third webisodes were uploaded on Days 17, 18, and 20 respectively. Before the eviction night on Day 21, Big brother declared that the videos accumulated 1, views, resulting in the success of their weekly task. Chevin was later evicted. Axel and Manolo were given automatic nomination after violating a rule concerning contact with the outside world during Gi's visit.

Cess was also involved in the violation, but since she committed other violations, like writing secret messages, whispering, moving furniture and not wearing her lapel, hence, Big Brother forcibly evicted her from the House. Alex, who also had the same violation as Manolo and Axel's, will receive a punishment, since she is only a houseguest. Daniel Matsunaga entered the House as the third celebrity housemate and the eighteenth official housemate. Week 4[ edit ] The housemates faced the second nomination round.

Later that night, Aina, the publicly nominated housemate, and Michele, who topped the nomination from the housemates, completed the list of nominees. Daniel was tasked to lay on the bed floating at the center of the pool that morning and he can only stand up if the housemates were able to guess how to wake him up: all adult housemates together should kiss him. Big Brother told Daniel that he will meet every housemate one by one at the "Magic Corridor. Big Brother announced to the teen housemates that evening that they will have a pool party, with unlimited food and dancing for all and unlimited drinks for adults only.

However, teen housemates were given a curfew. After the curfew, the adult housemates started to drink. The housemates were given a new weekly task the next day, which was similar to the one given in the second season.

Except for Daniel, Big Brother asked all housemates to stand first beside the weighing scale to see their initial weight upon entering the house. They will later sit down in it to know their current weight.

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Jacob was proclaimed as the heaviest housemate at pounds. The eight housemates who weighed heavier than when they entered their house shall lose weight with the help of Daniel. At the end of the week, their weight should be at most their initial weight prior to their entry into the house. He also instructed them not to do crash diets. Big Brother legjobb fogyasztható dió fogyáshoz on Day 24 that only the two housemates who lost the least weight will continue their weekly task.

The process for the third nomination will also be affected. Only Loisa, whose weight did not change, and Nichole, whose weight lowered by only one pound, will continue the weekly task. The housemates will choose to support either Loisa or Nichole in their task. At the end of the week, the housemate who loses less weight and her supporters will be the only housemates to be nominated for the third nomination.

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The following evening, Big Brother gave the housemates lefogyott-e Josh a nagy testvérről last chance to change their teams, but none changed their teams. At the weigh-in, Nichole weighed Loisa weighed The following day, Big Brother declared their weekly task a success because both Nichole and Loisa lost at least 2 percent of their weight.

Loisa weighed pounds, a loss of 5. Nichole weighed Loisa's team was safe from the third nomination round. The nominated housemates, including Alex, had an open forum regarding the things they don't like about each other. At the live eviction night on Day 28, Axel was evicted. The celebrities ranked the regulars; the teens ranked the celebrities; and the regulars ranked the teens.

They will also be the only ones to do the household chores. The BBN nomination system was temporarily stopped for the third nomination night. In the live nomination night, Jacob, Jane and Maris were declared nominees for eviction. Vickie, Jayme, Jacob, Michele, Alex, and Aina, who committed lapel violations, were not allowed to lie down on any furniture or on the floor for 24 hours.

Manolo, Vickie, and Jane were appointed leaders of the new weekly task, Lapislide, with a goal of making towers out of 15, sharpened pencils and rolling a ball into it so that it shoots into a small ring.

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Vickie decided that the teen housemates will be the first to do the task. Big Brother prohibited the housemates from using the látta palmetto fogyás after Fifth was made by Daniel to exercise on it.

Jayme was prohibited from entering in the activity area that day because she wrote using one of the pencils. Fourth and Aina, who were late in entering the activity area, returned to the house; but since they sat on the couch, all housemates were not allowed to sit except for the teens.