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Page 7 Preparations for use Page 10 Information Potability of tap water You have chosen a high quality appliance. The instructions for use are to be considered as part of the product. Before you start the installation please read through all of these instructions and take note of the advice they contain.

These instructions contain important information about installation, settings and product care.

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Keep these instructions safe and if you pass on the product to anyone else please pass on the documentation as well. Intended use The product is designed only for the regulation of the hot and cold water flow. It is only intended to be installed in sink units. This product is suitable for use with all pressure-resistant hot water systems such as central heating, continuous-flow water heater, pressure boiler etc.

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It is not suitable for low pressure water heaters such as wood-burning or coal-burning domestic hot water geysers, oil or gas-fired hot water geysers, or open electrically heated cylinders. If in doubt, please consult a plumber or heating specialist.

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Any use other than that described here, or any modification to the product, is not permitted and may lead to damage to persons or property. There is also the risk of injury and loss of life. The product is for private use only and is not intended for medical or commercial use. The manufacturer does not accept any liability for any damage caused by improper use.

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Never leave children unsupervised with the packaging materials. Danger of suffocation. Keep out of the reach of children.

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It is kayla zsírvesztés a toy. Any leaks or the escape of water can lead to danger to life from electric shock. Carefully check that all connections are watertight. Please ensure that no parts are damaged and that all parts are correctly assembled. Incorrect assembly could lead to injury. Please note that washers and gaskets are wear parts and therefore will need to be replaced from time to time.

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Damaged parts could adversely affect safety and proper function. When jak uzywac eco slim scald protection is defective or not activated, hot water can lead to scalding.

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Therefore activate the scald protection as is described in Chapter Scald protection and check the settings very carefully. Installation may only be carried out by experts. Leakage or escape of water can cause significant damage to buildings and household contents.

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All connections must therefore be checked carefully to ensure that they are tight. Ensure that all seals are correctly seated to avoid escape of water due to leakage.

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Familiarise yourself with all local conditions, e. We recommend the installation of a filter or an angle valve. In this way you will protect the entrance of the taps from foreign bodies and protect the cartridge 23 from damage.

The product is intended to be only used in rooms with a temperature above 0 C. In case of potential frost, cut off the water supply and drain the taps.

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Assembly Note: Familiarise yourself with the product prior to assembly. Carefully read the following assembly instructions and safety advice.

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In the event of incorrect installation, all warranty claims particularly in relation to subsequent damage are excluded. Before you start installation turn off the water supply at the mains. Do not twist the connection hoses 19 or place them under tension. Note: To do this you will require a Phillips screwdriver, a slotted screwdriver and an open-end wrench SW 10 mm.

Ensure that you only tighten the connection hoses 16, 19 manually.


Do not use pliers or a wrench. Otherwise the product could be damaged. Screw the two long connection hoses 16 by hand into the two external bores in the tap. Screw the short connection hose 19 by hand into the middle bore of the tap. Insert the free end of the shower hose 12 from the top through the tap body 5.

Using a slotted screwdriver, screw the two thread bolts 8 as far as they will go into the tap body 5 and remove the two securing nuts Lay the sealing ring 7 in the nut on the bottom of the tap body 5 and plug this into the opening on your sink.

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Under the sink, attach jak uzywac eco slim the C sealing washer 9 and then C metal washer 10 to the thread bolts 8. The screw the two locking nuts 11 onto the thread bolts 8 and tighten then with the openend spanner SW 10 mm until the tap jak uzywac eco slim seated firmly on the sink.

Lay the rubber seal 6 into the union nut of the shower hose 12 and screw the union nut onto the thread of the rinsing spray 4.

Lay the rubber seal 15 into the union nut 18 of the short connection hose 19 and connect this to the shower hose Fasten the hose weight 14 to the shower hose 12 at the bottom of the sink in such as way that the rinsing spray 4 can be pulled out of the tap sufficiently and can still be held securely in the inserted position.

Ensure that the connection to hot and cold water is correct.

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Preparations for use After the initial commissioning, check all connections for leakage carefully. In order to remove any possible impurities, the tap has to be flushed before it is used for the first time. To do this, proceed as follows: Unscrew the aerator 24 from the rinsing spray 4. Open the main water supply and allow the water to flow for two minutes to flush out any residues.

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The replace the aerator 24 by screwing it onto the rinsing spray again 4. Operation Note: Pbs fogyni the tap has not been used for a long period flush the pipes through thoroughly in order to avoid stagnation and build-up of residues. Open the main water supply. Lift the handle 1 and swing it to the right or left in order to regulate the speed or temperature of the water. Hot water: Swing the handle 1 to the left.

Súly ment egyenetlenül, általában ez természetes. Most már kész 2. Tegnap találkoztam kreitner krisztinával Férj nem tud a szemét, és úgy éreztem, jobb.

Cold water: Swing the handle 1 to the right. Check operation of the mixer. To do so, swing the lever 1 into all permissible positions.