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Early life[ edit ] Kerridge, whose parents divorced when he was eleven, was the elder of two brothers.

bbc 2 véglegesen fogyjon

His mother held down several jobs while moving the now single-parent family around several housing estates in Gloucestershire. A number of other small television roles followed, but at the age of eighteen he decided to pursue his bbc 2 véglegesen fogyjon of cooking instead of an acting career.

Tom went to work under renowned chef Philip Britten at the Capital hotel, Knightsbridge. This was followed with three years at the Stephen Bull restaurant in Marylebone.

Kerridge has said, "We were cooking fantastic food but it was a huge amount of pressure. I did that for three and a half years and loved it!

bbc 2 véglegesen fogyjon

Everything about it is full on; and you have to love that about it. The buzz of completing the service and finishing late at night is incredible.

bbc 2 véglegesen fogyjon

His signature dish is his take on a pig roast involving cooking pork belly in a bain-mariewhich is then wrapped in skin and roasted. This is accompanied by a stuffed pig's trotter.

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He later became the co-presenter of the show in James Isherwood had written on his blog 'Dining With James' that he had not enjoyed his starter, leading Bosi and fellow Michelin star chef Sat Bains to verbally abuse him on Twitter. He told author Paul Stenning : "My relationship with Beth is fantastic but in our first year living and working together she left me three times!

bbc 2 véglegesen fogyjon

We had everything in our life in the one room and it was all above the place we were working, where I was putting in a 90 hour a week shift. It becomes a huge pressure on your relationship but it also cements it and makes it very strong.

Ismertető Michelin-csillagos séfként Tom Kerridge három évtizede készít csúcsminőségű ételeket. Ugyanakkor azt is pontosan tudja, hogy mennyire nehéz megszabadulnia a felesleges kilóktól annak, aki imád enni. Az elmúlt években Tomnak csaknem kg-ot sikerült fogynia, ezért elhatározta, segíteni akar sorstársainak.